New Eden Analytics

Learning: An overview of New Eden

New Eden is the virtual world in the video game EVE Online, made by Crowd Control Productions. It is one of the most long-standing Massive Multiplayer Online games in history, having started in 2003 and continuing to run to this day.

The world of New Eden is rich with activity from its players, with a variety of trade, commerce, combat, and exploration. IT's a gargantuan world as well, with over 8,000 star systems, each having its own collection of stations, planets, asteroid belts, and relics for the players to explore and interact with each other in.

At any given time there are between 20,000 and 50,000 players in New Eden, and the interactions they have with each other are among the most complex in any game. This is where the delight of understanding the world through statistics comes in. With so much complexity going on, statistics gives an opportunity to better understand the world of New Eden, and allows its denizens to see more of the game universe, predict the behavior of other players, and make better decisions on how they want to interact with the world.

However, any use of statistics in New Eden must start with an understanding of the basics of the game. Here, you will find several guides overviewing enough of EVE Online's mechanics, and the world of New Eden, so you can start applying statistical methods to help guide you during your time in New Eden.