New Eden Analytics

Learning: An overview of Statistics

Of all the methods of understanding our world today, none have the power to help us to understand large, complex processes like Statistics do. But statistics themselves are unweildy, and easy to misuse or misunderstand. At their best, statistics can give us guidance and help us make better decisions. At their worst, statistics can mislead us to making poor choices.

Given their power, statistics are a natural means for understanding the world of New Eden, with all its complexity and scale. Yet, in order to do so, a strong understanding of statistics is necessary, as it is easy to make a mistake when using statistics, and such mistakes can have large consequences.

It is the intent of the guides in this section to inform you of the uses, and misuses, of statistics. To teach you how to scrutinize others statistics, and to help you create your own. Ultimately statistics is about helping us to make decisions, and everything here will be grounded in that.